120th Canton Fair
2018 MCE


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120th Canton Fair

NetEase Finance September 8 news GEM diving late yesterday, this morning opened lower 0.03%, reported 22,112.39 points, after a narrow range before the line.
Index continued to shock the afternoon before the line, 14: 30, pulled intraday, as of the close, the GEM refers rose 0.52 percent to 2223.47 points, full-day turnover of 80.71 billion yuan.
In 535 stocks, 318 stocks gained, shares rose 44.01% Netac smart now, reported 32.43 yuan.
Otherwise, this international, cryogenic shares, widely believed material stocks daily limit of 7, Hanson moved, trimer environmental protection, Amway shares rose more than 5%.
There are 153 stocks fell, the world scientific and technical fell 6.26 percent, Mei Tainuo, Mai Jieke technology and other fell more than 4 percent, the United States is still the ecological, Helen piano fell more than 3%.
Rebound and callback circulating among board index in line to test the water several times, and once again exceeded in the course of this week, rebounded, and PPP is scheduled to become the vanguard, leading stock index around 3100 points to start the shock. But in Shanghai refers Behind the battle lines, more attention is in custody

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